Frequently asked questions

Are your moldings OEM quality products?

Yes all our moldings are high quality OEM grade products. All are made with 3M acrylic adhesives and non yellowing, non dulling automotive grade polyurethanes for a 7 years warranty. All our moldings are oven cured in a 500 degrees oven to assure a perfect chemical binding. All our DESIGNER MOLDINGS are made to accentuate and follow automobiles manufacturers styling and designing so they fit perfectly each specific model with the molding made especially for the car it’s been design for, that is why we have so many different designs. They require a professional installation. All UNIVERSAL 1 TO 3 are adapted to fit any type of car model. 5 Differents styles to chose from and easy to install by yourself.

What is the production delay & shipping time?

Because all our moldings are oven cured we ship within 2 to 5 days. Shipping takes 2 to 4 days. You will be notified by email for tracking number.

How long is each item's warranty period?

Ray Action Designs side moldings have 7 years warranty against defets in materials or workmanship. For more information about our warranty and return policy, you may visit: https:/

If I can't find my vehicule model on your site can you design one?

Yes, because with RAY-ACTION DESIGNS you are dealing direct with the manufacturer and molding designers.Being the originator of this product, innovation is part of our DNA.

What is included in my molding kit?

All kits include 4 (minimum ) to 10 pieces depending on the model. All sets come with a left and a right side.

If I have an accident can I purchase only one side?

Good question, but no. All are moldings are laser cut in kits.

Do you manufacture full lenght cab and bed molding kits for pick-up's?

This one is easy, yes absolutely, no problem. Look it up in our PRO SERIES.

What are my installation options?

  1. With our PRO SERIES we recommend a professional installation at your dealer level by a form installer with a ptented RAD INSTALLATION TOOL.
  2. With our DO-IT YOURSELF SERIES you have 2 choices, hire a professional to do it or do it yourself. In the second case we recommend the use of a magnetic 48″ straight edge to make sure your molding is straight or in last resort…. masking tape, not very profesionnal but if you feel up to it.. possible. (You can purchase the straight edge for a minimum fee when you purchase your molding.) In all cases instructions will be available on our website. This will help you make up your choice. PDF printable sheet or VIDEO’S.

Can you personalize my moldings?

Yes, but to a certain extent and subject to design team approval. After estimation, an additionnal cost will apply.

Is it possible to have it installed by a professionnal?

Yes, depending where you live, state, province, and city, we have nation wide group of professional installers with a patent tool to help tou with this matter, please contact us.

Can we get a small simple?

Yes you can by mail, for a 2.00$ shipping fee.

Do you produce other products for my car?

Yes we do but a lot of them required a professional installation. Just click here to see some of them and there applications. (Click here)

Can you do custom moldings, made to fit or special logos?

Yes absolutely our design team can make almost anything that is possible. Please call in to see gow we can help you provide you with a estimated cost to your project. P.S. a time delay may apply…

Are your molding rigid or flexible?

They are the best quality product in this marke inductry. Because of there quality ingredients (3M adhesives and automotive grade polyurethanes) and the structure of there production, witch are also oven cured for hours, witch binds all materials together as one. That is why they can be twisted, roll in your pocket if you want but yet super resistant to door impacts once applied to your car, plus they self heal, will no yellow or dull. That is the RAD standard for quality.

What is the paint code of my car, and where can i find it?

Depending on the automotive manufacturers and year of prodcution it may be written at different places. Websites such as

For any other questions you may have or that you did not find answered here, please feel free to email us or give us a call on our toll free number, it will be a pleasure to help you in any manner we can, thanks for your interest in our products. or toll free at 1-877 729-2284